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Mathwizard Promotes Academic Excellence in Every Child

MathWizard's advanced learning system and experienced educational team are dedicated to providing the skills students need to become confident learners who succeed in school and life. Unlike traditional tutoring services, MathWizard's educational enrichment programs empower students to reach higher levels of academic achievement. Developed by education experts, our proprietary approach

  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Reinforces foundational skills
  • Accelerates learning
  • Challenges and rewards students
  • Prepares for standardized testing
  • Aligns with national standards

Through our afterschool learning centers and at home learning program, MathWizard’s state-of- the-art curriculum and real world applications of skills go well beyond what children learn in school and tutoring programs. With less drills and memorization and more emphasis on critical thinking, our enrichment programs create a passion for learning that challenges students to aim higher.

Learning Centers

Designed to nurture, inspire and challenge children, MathWizard Learning Centers offer

  • Individualized attention in a small group setting
  • Highly educated teachers who are passionate about helping students reach their potential
  • A caring, fun environment resulting in higher participation and academic achievement
  • Private tutoring for students who can benefit from one-on-one attention

At Home Learning

MathWizard At Home Learning provides all the benefits of our advanced learning system for families who live more than 10 miles away from our learning centers. At Home Learning offers

  • MathWizard’s proprietary curriculum in an easy to use format including lessons, teaching guides, examples and tips
  • A comprehensive academic enrichment program that, unlike private tutoring, provides flexibility while enabling parents to stay actively involved in their child’s education

MathWizard Is More than Just Math

MathWizard’s propriety approach to learning has been so successful that we have expanded to English/Language Arts, standardized testing, summer camps, and more. In every subject we teach, we go beyond drills and memorization to build subject competency, intellectual curiosity, and the passionate pursuit of academic excellence.

Unlike other tutoring companies, we focus on more than just numerical drills, to teach our students to understand the real world applications of the math concepts they study. Our English curriculum incorporates grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing to nurture well- rounded students who acquire mastery of the English language.

Check out all of your MathWizard program options by visiting your local Learning Center’s home page or the At Home Learning page.

Parent Testimonials

"I highly recommend this program to other parents who are seeking to provide a more structured and individualized program for their child."

--Susan P

"MathWizard has been a great experience for my two sons. The teachers for Math and English are excellent and go above and beyond to help them excel."

--Seema T

"My son loves the challenging math problems of MathWizard program. We love the prompt communication and affordable cost of this program."

--Nilam P

"I was looking for a math program that would challenge my daughters and improve their analytical skills…They are developing a keen interest in math with this program."

--Sita R.